Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life is like a....

 Life is kind of like a class, if you will. We start to fall behind when we forget to read the textbook and talk to the Teacher.       - Dan Barr

I like it Dan. I hope you don't mind that I just took your words but I think everyone should benefit from this.
This concept has been coming up alot. As Christians if we don't get our dose of Jesus or our "Daily Bread" if you will then we start going off track. The strength that we find in Him starts fading. The syllabus that we got at the beginning is there for a reason. God gave us what we need to become more like His son. Now it's our turn to complete the assignments and participate in class so that our faith doesn't wilter like some of our grades do mid-semester. So like Dan said, talk to the Teacher and make sure you stay in tune with whats going on in this chapter of your life. Don't think you can copy someone else's homework either because in this class no one's homework is the same :)

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  1. Plus the Teacher has really generous office hours.


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