Saturday, November 14, 2009

Google Thyself

Yep, that is what the Career Development man said to my Business Communications class this past Friday. At first I was a little confused, he wants us to stalk ourselves on Google? But then he went on to explain that when you "google thyself" you see where you show up on the grid. Are you under a headline for sports, student government, or getting in trouble. He calls it finding your brand. Are you proud of what you show up under? What is the first thing people see about you under results? This got me to thinking and I believe it is a good thing to ponder in your everyday life. How am I representing myself to people who don't even know me and is that what I want them to see? Now this concept is different than WWJD because this is all about the outcomes of your actions and how you begins to portray yourself as one thing or another. As a junior this starts to become a big issue when thinking about applying for jobs or moving outside the college bubble. So I challenge you to "Google Thyself" and see what might be surprised.

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